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Privacy Policy

To support the agency in gathering appropriate information about staff while protecting staff privacy rights.

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that all necessary information about staff is collected and maintained in a confidential manner:

  • employees are responsible for informing the agency if and when their personal information (address, telephone number, relevant health information) changes
  • the agency will use the most recent information provided by staff for its official records and any communication with staff

If an employee wishes to have access to her/his personnel file:

  • he/she shall make a request to the Executive Director
  • the Executive Director shall make arrangements for the employee to see the file as soon as reasonably possible, with either the Executive Director or his/her designate present
  • the employee may make copies of anything in the file, but all originals are the property of Centre pour enfants Timiskaming Child Care and must remain in the file
  • the employee may raise objections to any contents of the file with the Executive Director, who will determine whether or not changes should be made.

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